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Where Quality of Light leads to Quality of Life

The Atrium Group

Atrium Limited, London

Founded in 1976, Atrium is the UK’s largest independent specialist lighting distributor working closely with architects, lighting designers, engineers and developers to help them transform their best-designed spaces into their best-lit environments. With an exclusive portfolio of 6 of the world’s

Atrium’s London showroom on Leonard Street in Shoreditch

most renowned brands, we deliver Quality of Light solutions and applications to every project in the commercial, retail, hospitality, residential and public buildings sectors. With over 42 years experience we offer insight, advice, planning and service - and a unique and compelling product range.

Cooledge world-leading luminous surfaces, exclusive to Atrium

Kelvin Lighting, Edinburgh

Founded in 2007 by managing director Scott Kelly, Kelvin Lighting is Scotland’s largest independent lighting distributor and was acquired by Atrium Limited in June 2019. Operating as a division of Atrium, Kelvin Lighting shares Atrium’s exclusive portfolio

Kelvin Lighting is based in Edinburgh’s historic Leith district

of world-renowned brands, Kelvin Lighting also offers its clients an additional selection of established brand portfolios that can deliver the most complete and comprehensive lighting solutions.

Dramatic signature lighting using Lighnet, exclusive to Kelvin

The Quality of Light

The Quality of Light

leads to Quality of Life

Improving the Quality of Light

At the very centre of our proposition is a focus on Quality of Light and its continuous improvement. Working with our exclusive brands, we explore every way in which artificial light can develop to mimic natural daylight and its effects upon the human condition, especially in the way it influences our Circadian Rhythm or sleep/wake cycle. In the meantime, we ensure that artificial lighting solutions and installations have the absolute minimum negative influence on the wellbeing of a building’s occupant whether at work, at home or while relaxing. We know that exposure to blue light energises us but too much can expose us to potential risks. We can mitigate these risks with continually evolving tuneable LED lighting technology and computer controlled

colour temperature and lumen intensity. As a specialist with over 42 years experience, we understand how glare - direct or reflected - flicker and low or contrasting light sources can cause irritation, discomfort and, in severe cases, trigger medical conditions. So we employ design, planning, product selection and driver technology to eradicate these issues. Atrium has deliberately and carefully curated a portfolio of brands and diversity of products to deliver the best Quality of Light for all our clients’s projects. Our brands are at the leading edge of technology and among the first to deliver advanced and improved solutions. You can be confident that we will be the first to know and bring these to you. For us at Atrium, Quality of Light leads to Quality of Life.

Unique tuneable technology to create luminous surfaces that provide consistent light levels. Created by Cooledge and exclusively from Atrium.

Remote Smart technology that enables individual luminaires to be dimmed or separately switched on and off from world leader Flos only at Atrium.

Dialux modelling to determine light levels, uniformity and UGR in any situation ensures the optimum solution for every client and every project.

High performance drivers that eradicate flicker and expertly manage the latest Dim-to-Warm and emerging Smart Control technologies.