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Enjoyment comes from good interaction with customers about a constantly evolving industry that can assist them in achieving the very best lighting for their diverse projects and from Atrium’s unique, world class portfolio of brands.

A product design graduate of Ravensbourne University, Jeremy has been immersed in lighting for more than 20 years, 10 of which were spent with Louis Poulsen before he joined Atrium in 2011, coinciding with the company’s appointment as the brand’s exclusive UK distributor. Jeremy views his primary role as that of helping customers understand the many qualities that skilful artificial lighting solutions can bring to the built environment.

Project Highlight Victoria Beckham London | Architect FMA

Working with clients who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and pushing products into unexpected directions beyond performance expectation are just a few of the exciting and rewarding aspects of my job.

Richard graduated from Manchester University with a BA in German Studies and joined Atrium in 2004 to manage a number of key accounts. In 2017 he was invited to act as Country Manager for Artemide but was tempted back to Atrium in 2019. Since then, Richard’s exceptional knowledge and customer service ethic has helped to build a significant and loyal customer base.

Project Highlight The Trade Desk London |
Architect Peldon Rose

Lighting has the ability to shape, enhance and change the built environment. An essential part of our job is to guide our clients from plan to implementation, ensuring smooth delivery and solutions that add demonstrable value.

A student of electrical and electronic engineering, Martin has been part of the lighting industry since 1998 working with established brands Helvar, Lumenpulse and LED chip pioneers Xicato. Originally invited to join Atrium in order to promote the company’s exterior lighting offer from Ares and Flos, Martin now manages Atrium’s sales team across England and Wales.

Project Highlight New Design Museum London | Architect CBA Architects

There is enormous satisfaction to be gained from working with different architects, designers and engineers, all of whom have the highest expectations. When a project completes, it’s a proud moment to say ‘We were part of that’.

Manufacturing, installation, project management and sales – Mike has had experience of every facet of lighting in a career spanning more than 20 years. Mike began at Universal Fibre Optics (UFO) followed by time at LDP International then joined Kelvin Lighting as Area Sales Manager. Now Sales Director of Kelvin, Mike works closely with architects, lighting designers and electrical engineers across Edinburgh, the Central Lowlands and the Scottish Highlands, assisting clients with their lighting requirements in a wide range of market sectors.

Project Highlight New College Edinburgh |
Lighting Designer KSLD EFLA Lighting Design

What’s exhilarating about Atrium is the focus on delivering quality, choice and flexibility for an infinite variety of projects – from office to high end residential – selected from our vast, unique and comprehensive portfolio of products.

Having worked for 5 years in display lighting, managing blue-chip brands including McDonalds and Marks & Spencer, Adam brings a whole new perspective to our offer, not only for retail clients but for all those projects where lighting must fulfill the roles of identification, wayfinding and drama as well as ambience and illumination. Working with our unique portfolio of world-class brands, Adam expands our value proposition to clients.

Project Highlight Winter House | Architect Scott Donald Architecture

The greatest satisfaction comes when all parties to a lighting project – the customer, specifier, contractor, manufacturer and lighting supplier are all completely happy with the end result. We never forget we’re only part of a bigger picture.

Scott is a fully qualified electrician and lighting technician with academic qualifications in Electrical Engineering. He has been a colourful and energetic part of the industry for over 35 years and worked with Philips Lighting (now Signify), Louis Poulsen and JSB before founding Kelvin Lighting in 2007, building it into Scotland’s largest independent specialist lighting supplier which now operates as the Scottish division of the Atrium Group.

Project Highlight Rock Star Edinburgh | Engineer Buro Happold Edinburgh

Meeting clients, understanding what they need, what they expect, the key aspects of each project, responding quickly then delivering is what makes my job rewarding. Visiting a site to see the finished project is a proud moment.

Charlie has been with Atrium for almost 6 years and, in that time, has made himself a central and valuable part of our service to customers in all sectors. With an infectious passion for lighting, acute awareness of customer expectation and an insight into the very particular requirements of each and every project, Charlie brings demonstrable value to his customers, spearheading their search for the very best lighting solutions.

Project Highlight VQ Euston London | Designer BusbyWebb

Collaborating with creative minds, the freedom to work with brilliant, innovative world-class brands, helping clients transform spaces by bringing quality of light and material together in ways that leave a lasting impression . . . this is what I love.

Adam has spent over 20 years in the lighting industry, consulting on and supplying lighting solutions for a wide variety of projects in the residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors. His career began at John Cullen and, more recently, he led the sales team at Light IQ before joining Atrium. Adam brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our lighting activities. His considerable value to our clients lies in his strong technical skills, vast project management experience and the keenest eye for detail.

I see myself as a storyteller. Every design is a story, reflecting a marriage between past, present and future. Light is a powerful example of this and
for me it’s a passion. I love working with light and loving what you do is easily the biggest reward.

With a Master’s degree in Product Design, Paola is a designer by profession. Her career in lighting began more than 14 years ago. She has created her own products and collaborated with historic Italian brands Artemide and Danese. Her work has attracted international interest and important design awards including Red Dot and IF Product Design. Moving to London in 2015, Paola worked at The Conran Shop before joining Atrium in 2017. Passionate, creative and knowledgeable, Paola champions the unique design ethic and heritage of Flos and their internationally acclaimed Home Collection.

Project Highlight The Conran Shop London | Lighting Designer APT Design

Providing the help, knowledge and expertise required in order to develop more successful and more productive customer relationships in the mutual pursuit of profitable business expansion is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.

With a Baccalaureate in Science and specialist training in Retail Banking, Arnaud pursued a career in France in various sectors of customer-facing sales, from hospitality to financial services and from fashion to wine.
Moving to England in 2014, he was invited to join Atrium to help develop our dealer network for the Flos Home Collection. Arnaud has since successfully expanded our reach into Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Project Highlight Donegal private residence London