Marcel meets every customer’s requirements for a highly efficient retail lighting solution. Its ease-of-installation, adjustability and the endless possibilities procured by different LED sources and different lamp versions (one, two or three lamps) make Marcel an extremely versatile fixture.

Marcel presents a stylish frame, fitted with adjustable lamp units. In the single lamp version, the frame is square shaped, while the two and three lamp versions have a rectangular shape. The refined, directional downlight will be used mainly in retail applications, as a functional lighting solution. It’s perfect for situations that require both high efficiency and low consumption.

The installation of Marcel, is just as quick and easy as changing its lighting effect (by interchangeable reflectors or add-on antiglare, spreadlens, ...), thanks to our smart installation system. By simply tightening two screws, the installation flanges fold out and secure the fixture to the ceiling.

Marcel makes it easy to change the lighting effect to suit the circumstances and setting in your retail space. The brackets and unique tilt mechanism allow you to direct the light source the way you want, and you won’t need a ladder: