‘There were moments when the spheres would seem perfectly still, on the edge of his fingers. Only if you looked very closely could you see them spinning around to achieve the balance.’

Ahead of the Heal’s Festival of Light, FLOS has created a limited edition black IC Lights, designed by London-based Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades.
Now available in painted anthracite as well as the original brass and chrome, this light is aesthetically simple yet conceptually complex.
The acronym IC refers to the Identification Code used by British Police to record the apparent ethnicity of a suspect.
The use of this to define different lighting design options (available as floor, wall-mounted, table, and pendant lights) perhaps comments on the arbitrary categorisation of peoples in society.

The whole IC range is being featured at the second annual Heal’s Festival, and it's available at Heal’s flagship Tottenham Court Road store.

196 Tottenham Court Rd, Bloomsbury, London W1T 7PJ
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