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This is Atrium

In 1976, while Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were launching a small computer company from a garage in California, Patrick Dormoy was turning a passion for Italian design into a trading company – a company that has grown steadily over the past 42 years to become the UK’s largest independent lighting specialist.

Patrick Ulysse

When I first established the company in London in 1976, I was determined that it should be guided by certain immovable principles; that ignorance would be rejected in favour of continuous learning; that the business would endure by setting increasingly ambitious objectives - and meeting them; that the main endeavour would be to get things right the first time, regardless of the effort required, and that true value and real satisfaction would always lie in a job done well. If those principles were upheld, I believed that success and profit would follow. This philosophy endures and my principles are as relevant today as they were over 40 years ago - and as immovable.

Patrick Dormoy Chairman

Today, Atrium operates from offices and a large, integrated showroom in Shoreditch, London. I’m proud to say that, across the whole of our team, we deliver exceptional value to clients, architects, designers and engineers in a number of ways. For example, we bring a unique portfolio of products from some of world’s most renowned brands. We offer the knowledge and expertise accrued over a lifetime in the industry. We’re a recognised authority in lighting and its continuing evolution through close collaboration with leading experts and manufacturers. And we have the independence to provide the most professional and effective solutions without reliance on any single brand.

Ulysse Dormoy Managing Director

Light, Colour & Wellbeing

Light is emerging as a recognised contributor to both emotional and physical wellbeing in the workplace and at home. So a large part of what we do is continue to learn and understand how our products and solutions can aid customers’ desire to deliver not only the best designed spaces but also the best lit environments that positively enhance our health and wellbeing.

Colour Light Well

The Well Building Standard

First introduced in 2014 by the Well Building Institute, USA, this standard measures buildings across a range of features, including lighting, that contribute to a healthier and more positive working or living environment. Although not regulatory, we follow and monitor the evolving evidence and guidance for light quality and can help or advise our customers accordingly.

Light & Colour

As part of our continuous learning culture, we have studied and researched how colour and light work, how they are transmitted and perceived and how they affect us both physiologically and psychologically. Our RIBA approved CPD entitled “Cracking the Code of Colour’ provides essential insights and is available to customers who would like to learn more about the subject.

CRI and Colour Temperature

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is the accepted convention for measuring visible colour under artificial lighting. However, even under lighting that boasts a very high CRI value of 90+, a key factor can often be the R9 or the light source’s ability to render reds accurately. This can be of particular importance in retail situations, especially in fashion and colour cosmetics.


Introduced in 1990, BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplans, infrastructure and buildings. Measured against scientifically rigorous requirements, BREEAM includes assessment of lighting and lighting control that meet or exceed prevailing European standards (EN) for Light and lighting, Lighting of Workspaces. Lighting of Workplaces and Outdoor Workplaces.