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Vaeder Surface

With a name derived from the English verb ‘to evade’, it is clear from the start that Vaeder will be miles ahead of anything average. This fixture feels equally at home in an energy-efficient, ergonomic office environment and in a home office. Its characteristic honeycomb structure in combination with a wafer-thin diffuser minimizes glare, whilst Vaeder’s ground-breaking LED technology results in an energy-efficient and high-performance office fixture.

Vaeder can be supplied either surface mounted or as a pendant. For surface mounting, it is positioned a small distance from the ceiling, which gives it a lighter look, as if floating against the ceiling. In its pendant version, Vaeder’s soft curves create a futuristic fixture that appears to be hovering out of another dimension. The fixture’s suspension height can be modified using a new adjuster system.

Because of its unique design consisting of one LED source and three optical components, this luminaire provides bright and glare-free light with an optimal UGR value of 16. This makes Vaeder a perfect LED alternative to office luminaires with the traditional fluorescent T5/T8 lamps. With optimal results on light distribution, visual comfort and efficacy, this luminaire fully meets the EN 12464-1 office standard.

Available finishes: Black/Black, Black/White, Donkey Grey/Black, Donkey Grey/White, White/Black, White/White.

Components & Variations

Vaeder Surface
2303 lm 2700K CRI90+
2245 lm 3000K CRI90+
2669 lm 4000K CRI90+
Non-dim, 1-10V, DALI/PUSHDIM


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