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Tatou Suspension

“The process began by looking for different ways to reconstruct membranes, conceived like a Japanese armour: a series of metal buckles cleverly united by tapes with a powerful emotional value. There was then a process of simplification into overlapping, perforated, vertical bands riveted together. (…) Tatou is French for ‘armadillo’: the mammal famous for its structure made up of plates of bone covered with a protective layer of horn. ‘Tatou’ has an emotional sound to it, which I think is consistent with the emotional function of this object.”
Patricia Urquiola

Diffused light suspended lamp. External diffuser in Polycarbonate. Internal diffuser in injection printed opal polycarbonate.

Available in White, Black, Ochre-grey finish.

Components & Variations

Tatou Suspension 1
1 x LED 8W E27
740lm 2700K [e]
740lm 3000K [e]

Available in White, Black, Ochre-grey
Tatou Suspension 2
1 x LED 21W E27 2452lm 3000K [e] DIMMER

Available in White, Black, Ochre-grey


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