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Smart LED Flex

SmartLedFlex® is a flexible linear organic shaped lighting fixture, suitable for architectural indoor and outdoor (IP66) lighting projects, providing a stunning homogenous high-performance lighting to highlight the perimeters of buildings, bridges, etc.

SmartLedFlex® has 100 LEDs/m. SMD Nichia Side View enclosed in a special flexible polymer material, which allows the product to be bent into different winding shapes and the product is protected against UV rays thanks to the silicone outer shell.
Thanks to its flexible body this innovative fixture can easily be installed in curved spaces hard to get to by using clips or guide profiles.

Components & Variations

Smart LED Flex SideFlex
Custom size / Square or round
LED 9.6 W/m - 13W/m
270° beam angle
21 lm - 380 lm 2700K / 3500K / 5200K / Yellow / Amber / Red / Blue / Green / RGB
24V dc
Smart LED Flex TopFlex
Custom Size
LED 9 W/m - 17 W/m
120° beam angle
3000K / 4000K / 5000K
24V dc