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Skygarden Suspension

“In my former house, I had a fabulous antique decorated plaster ceiling. I called it my Skygarden, it always looked good even without me having green fingers or taking care of it very well. It didn’t need water or sun but would live only on the warm rays of the electrical light under it. I loved it so much that by the time I moved houses I could not leave it. I had to find a way to take it to my new home. I took my tools and stole it from the ceiling. This fabulous piece of history is now secretly hidden in a minimalist architectural sphere in the hearth of my new home where I can enjoy it with friends. If you tell no-one, I can share it with you”.
Marcel Wanders

Suspension luminaire providing diffused lighting. Hemispherical, mechanically processed cast plaster diffuser, painted white inside. Outer finish: rust, glossy black, glossy white or matte gold.

Components & Variations

Skygarden 1
1 x LED 8W E27 1020lm 2700K* [e] No dimm.
1 x MAX 105W E27 HSGS 1980lm 2700K [e] DIMMER
Skygarden 2
1 x LED 8W E27 1020lm 2700K* [e] No dimm.
Skygarden 1 Eco
1 x 32W Gx24q-3 2400lm 3000K [e]
Skygarden 2 Eco
1 x 42W Gx24q-4 3200lm 3000K [e]

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