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“Serena is a light that wants to fit in. Neither brash nor imposing, it is domestic by nature. It is lightweight and plays with the diffusers, reflecting or allowing the light to pass through. It is pure, calm, dry, light and flexible. It is inspired by the natural world, by leaves of different shapes and colours, in floor-standing, table, applique and even branch-like suspension versions.”
Patricia Urquiola

A sophisticated family of lamps, characterized by round or oval leaf-shaped diffusers, where the light source evokes the pistil of a flower.
The dynamic reflector, with a natural and light movement, like a leaf moved by a mysterious and slight current of air, can be directed to obtain an intense, precise reflected light. The structure of the lighting body, along with a search for more efficient surface treatments, reduces the LED source’s visual impact to a minimum and provides the user with the best of comfort allied with superior quality lighting technology.

Adjustable table lamp providing indirect and reflected light. Extruded aluminium heatsink, photoengraved black PC cut-off, photoengraved optical PMMA diffuser. Reflector in sheared and folded pre-anodized aluminium. Power cord length 200 cm, with a dimmer switch that provides ON-OFF functions and 10-100% light adjustment. Plug-in power supply with interchangeable plugs.

Available in Aluminum, Copper, Black finish.

Components & Variations

Serena Copper
1 LED 13W 643lm 2700K CRI 90 [i] DIMMER
Serena Black
1 LED 13W 643lm 2700K CRI 90 [i] DIMMER
Serena Aluminium
1 LED 13W 643lm 2700K CRI 90 [i] DIMMER


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