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Sense Freestyler Blade Wheel

Freestyler is an evolutionary tool to create large-format luminous structures in geometric, three-dimensional shapes. Based on the Buschfeld Pend track system, straight or curved elements can now be assembled and combined in different ways to design luminous structures and bodies, where 48V DC Sense System spotlights can be positioned. Freestyler takes individual requirements into account: Its modular concept also allows for almost any design of tailor-made lighting structures. Strikingly attractive, geometric, minimalist. Freestyler – a tool for creating unique lighting scenarios.

This enables the creation of many new configurations and shapes for the design of individual, lightweight luminous objects: straight sections of track can become three-dimensional, cubic or star-shaped structures. And curved sections of track can give rise to spheres, oval or new interpretations of classic chandeliers – huge but ultra-slimline sculptures can be constructed in a modular fashion to fill spaces practically entirely. Perfect for the design of spacious foyers and large, hall-like spaces.

A range of different luminaire heads, delivering functional or decorative light, can be installed in the luminous objects without tools. Thanks to smart technology, they can be interconnected and addressed individually in order to generate the appropriate solution to suit the required atmosphere.

Profile available in Alumatt, Polished, White, Black finishes.

Components & Variations

Sense Freestyler Blade Wheel 1200
Ø 1200 mm x 900mm
from 7 to 12 beams
Sense Freestyler Blade Wheel 350
Ø 350mm x 3300 mm
from 7 to 12 beams
Sense Thirty Five 60
LED max 10W
9º / 25º / 36º beam angle
2700K / CRI 95
430lm 3000K / CRI 95
ON-OFF / Bluetooth Casambi / Bluetooth Xicato
Sense Fifty 60
LED max 12W
15º / 25º / 36º beam angle
680lm 2700K / CRI 95
720lm 3000K / CRI 95
ON-OFF / Bluetooth Casambi / Bluetooth Xicato
Sense Ninety Five 60
LED max 19W
9º / 25º / 36º beam angle
950lm 2700K / CRI 95
1000lm 3000K / CRI 95
ON-OFF / Bluetooth Casambi / Bluetooth Xicato


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