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KTribe Wall

“Never leave two Miss K on their own, they reproduce… but thanks to the miracle of the evolution, they evolve into something better: KTribe.”
Philippe Starck

Subtle yet striking, the KTribe table provides diffused light through a transparent diffuser that gracefully moves the eye upward. The base, rod support, and diffuser support are die-cast, polished, and chrome-plated Zamak alloy. The rod is polished aluminium. The opal inner diffuser and support for the lamp holder are injection-moulded PC (polycarbonate). Outer diffusers are transparent PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), available in silver or bronze. The upper ring is injection-moulded PC and is completely transparent (or transparent brown for the outer bronze diffuser).

Components & Variations

KTribe Wall
1 x MAX 70W E27 HSGS 1180lm 2800K [e]
1 x LED 8W E27
740lm 2700K [e]
740lm 3000K [e]
1 x LED 8.5W E27 806lm 2700K [e]

Available in Fabric, Aluminised silver, Aluminised bronze, Transparent, Fumée


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