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“Black as the colour of death.
Crosses of our dead ones.
Gold colour as ambition.
War weapons; domestic weapons, bedside, table, living room weapons.
“Aux Armes” everywhere, as an ending.”
Philippe Starck

In 2005 FLOS and Philippe Starck launched the special Guns collection project and decided to earmark 20% of sales revenue from these lamps to Fratelli dell’Uomo, a non-governmental organisation which promotes and supports social and economic development programmes in favour of disadvantaged people through the wider European network Frères des Hommes. With Flos’ donation, the association has been able to complete various practical projects, mainly in Senegal, Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Table lamp providing direct reading and ambient lighting. Body is die-cast aluminium with an over moulded polymer coating and gloss 18K gold plated or chrome finish. Matte black plasticized paper shade with an internal gold silkscreened or white with an internal silver silkscreened. On the cable, there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.

Available in Shiny gold 18 K, Chrome.

Components & Variations

Bedside Gun
1 x MAX 70W E27 HSGS 1180lm 2800K [e] 220-240V
1 x LED 8W E27
740lm 2700K [e]
740lm 3000K [e]
Table Gun
1 x MAX 105W E27 HSGS 220-240V
1980lm 2700K [e]
Floor Gun
1 x MAX 205W E27 HSGS 4200lm 3000K [e] DIMMER
1 x LED 21W E27 2452lm 3000K [e] DIMMER


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