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When a handbag costs more than £3000, can you tell what colour it really is?*

More and more retailers and brands are using luminous ceilings with diffused light to illuminate their spaces and merchandise. This solution may add interest through ambient lighting but when the lighting plays second fiddle to the ceiling and the customer can’t tell what colour they’re looking at, sales and the brand will suffer.

The retailers of luxury goods, motor vehicles and international fashion brands rely on the presentation of products where detail, craftsmanship and colour are synonymous with the brand’s values and credentials. Yet, when it comes to lighting in stores, departments and showrooms, many fail to consider how lighting affects the merchandise and how bad lighting can disappoint or turn away customers

Stretch fabric ceilings acting as diffusers for lighting hidden above have become a popular way of adding a significant quantity of ambient lighting, changing perceptions of the shopping environment. All too often, the lighting itself is a secondary consideration with suppliers promoting the technology of ceiling system, forgetting about light quality and its influence on sales and returns.

Cooledge is different because it’s a lighting company that understands quality and how its products are best integrated into diffused ceiling systems, delivering tuneable light with high CRI values and the best-in-class R9 (red) values. The diagrams below show three readings from stretch or fabricated ceiling systems.  The evidence is clear. If you want excellent lighting with the best colour reproduction for the best brands, Cooledge is the answer.

Brand X

Brand Y


*All the handbags are the same colour but set under different simulated light sources.  The actual colour is shown in the lower middle image