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Tracker – Goes with the flow

Tracker is a unique and endlessly flexible, linear lighting system designed specifically to follow the contours of fluid architectural detail.

Its chain of LED modules that join together can bend and flex in all directions and are housed in a minimal profile that sits flush with the structural ceiling or wall.
A continuous satin opal diffuser helps to avoid joins and light spillage resulting in sinuous and continuous lines of light. With Tracker the designer has the opportunity to effectively draw lines of light in space.

Development Background

The idea for Tracker emerged when Intra Lighting was asked to develop a lighting system for the commercial spaces at Doha Metro Stations whose architecture is characterised by curves. Today’s contemporary architectural taste requires lighting to fully integrate and be compatible with a variety of different materials. The challenge here was to develop a flexible lighting system that combined functionality with an understated aesthetic.

Another challenge was to develop a seamless light that understood and supported human wellbeing needs during the day in enclosed spaces such as transport terminals, reception areas, shopping malls and commercial spaces. During devlopment, Intra Lighting introduced the evolving concept at lighting fairs around the world, using informed feedback to perfect Tracker.


Key Benefits

Due to its low-profile height, Tracker fits under standard ceiling profiles with no compromises on or special requirements for construction.

Tracker’s different colour temperatures makes it adaptable to users‘ needs and can help to simulate the varying colour temperatures of natural daylight throughout the Circadian cycle.

Tracker delivers ‘endless’ light as it tracks and follows the architecture with no dark zones thanks to the continuous optics and seamless diffuser.



Tracker doesn’t only look like a polished luminaire, it also blends well with other standard construction elements. It has been made to tackle all design shapes, adding seamless arcs and curves of light. With a modular base resembling vertebrae and low profile, it provides maximum flexibility to suit a host of different applications. The optic diffuser that comes in reel form makes endless pure light possible with no dark zones. The superb quality of light is possible due to the multichannel LED PCBs which have been developed to achieve the advantages that distinguish Tracker from similar products.



LED PCB chain

Available ins single, 10 or 50 module sets
2700 / 3000 / 4000K | CRI 80
1550 – 2250 lm/m
Energy Class A++
Chromaticity (Macadam Elipse) 2.5
Lumen Maintence 50,000 hours @ 35ºC

Housing Profile

Dimensions 56 mm x 27 mm
Linear (straight) profile lengths – 950 mm – 3040 mm
Curve Left / Right lengths – 1140mm – 3040 mm
Curve Up / Down lengths – 950 mm – 4750 mm
Suitable for 12.5 mm or 15.8 mm plasterboard surfaces


Satin Opal Diffuser in reels up to 25,000 mm