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Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, this exciting new table lamp is a natural evolution of the classic swing arm office model.  With its robust and compact structure and swivel mechanism, it produces a powerful and controlled asymmetric beam, perfect for the professional lighting of your work area without the need to adjust arms or move the lamp itself.  In addition, Oblique features an integral wireless charging system in the base and a separate USB point. 

The archetypal office lamp

Oblique rethinks the design of the traditional office lamp through functional design incorporating some unique and patented elements.  The optical unit can be swivelled through 355º on its axis allowing the light to reach any area of the work surface.  

Van Duysen’s design replicates his ingenuity of thought that has made Infra-Structure and now Infra-Structure Episode 2 systems such a success.

At the heart of Oblique is a real technological advance with the LED chips and lenses generating a surprisingly powerful and controlled light beam from inside a space measuring just 5mm deep.

Comfort has not been forgotten . . . UGR is less than 10 so delivering exceptional anti-glare protection, evenness of light distribution and lux performance.  These qualities have been tested in accordance with the most strict industry standards.

Patented Innovation

Oblique’s ultra flat lens with a performance efficiency of 97% delivered from its rounded, flat and slim head is patented.

The base incorporates a wireless charging system for your smartphone, freeing your work space from intrusive recharging cables while Oblique’s integrated USB port can also be used to charge additional devices.

Oblique comes with an integrated swivel mechanism allowing for the 355º orientation of the stem at its attachment to the base. 

The lamp is available with two different fixing bases to ensure the maximum versatility of use.

The collection is available in different finishes, from the classic white, black and anthracite, to the most sophisticated pastel shades, specifically created to customise the working environment.

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