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New Trix

Trix is a beautifully simple and elegant modular lighting system. Slender, stylish and versatile, Trix has it all including minimalistic design, modularity and high efficiency with classic good looks.

Trix was born to light industrial spaces, supermarkets, schools and offices. Extended runs are really easy to install and when illuminating focus zones or linear optics for uniform illumination, you can choose compatible spotlights. Trix offers the widest range of components and specifications to suit any space.

The Trix Module Range

A wide choice of modules and lenses are available to give you the facility of fully adapting Trix to your needs. Each Trix light module can be controlled separately via Casambi, DALI or FO.

The Trix Family

Luminous Flux | 2118-16477 lm
Module Length | 574-3091 mm
Type | Single or Linear
Optics | 110° / 30° / 60°
Up / Down / Up & Down
UGR <19 / AS / ASD
Driver | Casambi / DALI / FO

A Choice of Beam Angles

60° where glare may be a problem such as in offices, schools
and lecture or meeting rooms.
110° Where dispersed light is required due to a low ceiling height.  30° Suitable for high spaces, for example to illuminate the shelves of a high bay storage facility.
DAS for lighting the shelves in supermarkets.
AS For supermarkets, libraries and hospital corridors

Perfect Light Joints with N L G

An innovative twist and lock joint element between two profiles allows easy assembly and perfectly connected luminaires with No Light Gaps or any leakage of light.

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This article and more are on our Fresh Magazine Issue n.6 2020