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Flos is fabulous at Salone del Mobile 2019

With possibly the largest stand ever seen at Salone del Mobile at over 4,000 square metres, Flos presented some stunning new designs and new editions of historical classics, sharing this dramatic space with B&B Italia and Louis Poulsen. Collectively, the three names represent Design Holding, formed in September 2018 to create the largest global high-end design group, all sharing a unique and renowned European design heritage.

Entrance to the space was through a dramatic corridor with interactive and animated graphics illustrating key design milestones and their creators. The exterior walls were adorned with engraved illustrations of designers and their iconic creations and it all formed a dramatic introduction to collections created by designers including Michael Anastassiades, Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni and Flos design legends Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

Coordinates by Michael Anastassiades
A lighting system consisting of horizontal and vertical strip lights, Coordinates creates illuminated grid-like structures of differing complexities. The system is designed to be configured in a multiplicity of ways to suit the environment in which they are installed, adding impact and drama to prestigious interiors.

In addition to the customised variations, the system is available as standard and pared down chandeliers that can be used in any setting. This innovative lighting system was originally developed for the main dining area of the historic Four Seasons restaurant in New York City, relocated and reopened in 2018 with interiors designed by São Paolo-based architect Isay Weinfeld.

Belt by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
From the creators of the popular Aim light, Belt offers the same unexpected combination of soft electrical connections and hard light sources. Belt is a combination of leather ‘belts and buckles’ that fall from the ceiling, rise from the floor or terminate and start from the wall and which can be

configured in different arrangements to form canopies of light where needed. Designed to offer an endless variety of shapes and arrangements, Belt creates a surprising harmony between the organic and tactile feel of real leather with the uncompromising hardness of linear LED light modules.

Chiara by Mario Bellini
Originally created in 1969 by Mario Bellini, Flos celebrates this iconic design with a re-edition at Salone del Mobile 2019 for its 50th anniversary. The Chiara began life as a simple sheet of aluminium, cut and rolled into a cylinder with a light at its base. The light is cast upwards inside the tube and is reflected off the upper screen, creating a dramatic effect with

the whole resembling a nun’s wimple and veil. Available in two models – standard and table – Chiara comes in polished stainless steel, matt bronze or polished black. Bellini began the design in 1968 using paper models in what might be classed as European Origami. Even when switched off the Chiara is a piece of hugely original and eye-catching sculpture.

Haeru by Nendo
The Haeru range comprises three types of table, two types of light fixture and three types of supporting legs that together form a functional range of tables and stools with integral lighting. The basic structure is a simple table with an inbuilt, rechargeable battery pack with the whole creates an innovative solution for casual outdoor seating and lighting. Because the table tops, legs and lighting are almost infinitely interchangeable, the user can adapt and design their own configuration to suit any particular environment.

Heco by Nendo
Creating the illusion of a ball of light dropping onto and distorting a frame of metal, Heco provides outdoor lighting that can be used in a variety of ways. Employed as casual lighting, the curved frame can be placed on the floor or propped against a wall. Square and rectangular versions with legs allow Heco to be used as tables. In both versions, the rechargeable battery pack is concealed within the frame and electrical connection to the luminaire concealed within the table leg. Extraordinary and unique lighting only from Nendo.

Caule by Patricia Urquiola
In the Flos outdoor section, Patricia Urquiola’s Caule was presented. An outdoor collection with understated lines and strong visual identity, Caule features a deceptively slender and flexible stem that is available in a number of heights and configurations. The series is also available in different materials and finishes designed to complement gardens and courtyards of various sizes and styles.

Flauta by Patricia Urquiola
Inspired by the pure shapes of church organs and flutes, the Flauta collection is perfectly suitable for accented wall lighting in contract environments or in the home. A small circular reflector angles the light outwards from the top or base of the tube and from a light source hidden within. The Flauta is available in three different shapes, each of which carries one of two beautiful milled textures.