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FABRICore unique acoustic illumination

FABRICore is a budget-friendly, large area acoustic LED luminaire that can be used as an individual fixture although it has been designed to act as the core module for grouping to form large, immersive, ceiling illumination panels

This unique technology not only helps create the illusion of natural light flooding workspaces, it also delivers significant acoustic properties.

FABRICore delivers 4 installation options – Suspended, Surface Mount, Grid, Recessed.

The Unique Benefits of FABRICore

  • A unique design aesthetic for spaces normally illuminated by luminaires with plastic lenses.

  • Brings the feeling of outdoors to interiors with large, stand alone luminaires or in groups to form Luminous FABRICore ‘clouds’.
  • Acoustic performance not found in other contractor-grade luminaires. Mix & match with FABRIQuiet sound absorbing panels to combine immersive illumination with a complete acoustic solution for open area designs in a variety of applications.

  • Uniform, high quality, immersive illumination that is the unique Cooledge trademark. 

  • Removeable power and control tray that simplifies installation when direct access to the luminaire is not possible.
FABRICore installed as individual illumination elements

Luminous Flux | 10,300 lm
CCT | 3000, 3500, 4000K | CRI>90 
Uniformity | 2 SDCM (typical)
Lumen Maintenance | 75,000 hrs 
Dimensions | 1192.5 x 1192.5 x 133 mm 
NRC Value1 | 0.65-0.95
Dimming | 0/1-10V or DALI2 <5%

FABRICore combined with FABRICloud

FABRIColor functional, emotional, dynamic

FABRIColor extends the concept of immersive illumination (that comfortable feeling of being surrounded by light) by adding another dimension – Dynamic White+RGB colour. Taking advantage of the architectural form provided by large scale, textured luminaires in a variety of shapes, FABRIColor allows you to create multi-purpose spaces where high-quality white light used for functional illumination can be transformed into a celebration of colour for social settings, brand promotions or change.

The Beauty of FABRIColor

You can now use canopies of colour to create a variety of moods and emotional experiences.

. White+RGB delivers high quality white light for general illumination and dynamic colour to completely transform your space.

. A wide range of 9 shapes and sizes delivers a solution for any room or any design theme.

. Superior acoustic performance on all suspended models including non-rectangular shapes reduces noise and saves you money.

This article and more are on our Fresh Magazine Issue n.6 2020