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Diversion to exciting possibilities

Shun the straight and narrow and take a new and exciting route with Diversion from Flos. Designed by Piero Lissoni, this is a truly innovative profile system for surface or suspended installation. With its unique and patented mechanical joint that accepts up to 8 profiles running in different directions, Diversion allows an infinite number of configurations and patterns to fit any space or to add a virtual web of lighting possibilities to internal spaces. 

Diversion is a flexible and omni-directional profile system with integrated direct and indirect linear lights, colour coordinating and remotely controlled spotlights and a patented mechanical joint that acts as a profile connector, lock and switch.
Diversion profiles are available with or without two colour matching Atom spotlights in lengths of 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500mm. 

Profiles featuring integrated linear uplighting modules carry a discreet switch that enables dimming of the uplight to 50% of its full lumen output.

You have the choice of 2 sizes of the miniaturised Atom spots – the Atom 90 or the Atom 120 – both of which are available in 4 contemporary finishes of Anodic White, Bronze, White and Black to match your choice of profile perfectly. Atom’s fully integrated wireless control electronics allows for the individual and remote dimming or switching off of individual lamps, designed to fit in pairs on a single length of Diversion profile. 34mm high only, the Diversion profile is elegant and discreet with suspension cables that also carry power to the track, lending the illusion that Diversion is suspended in mid-air. 

Due to the unique and patented connector Diversion can be configured in the most exciting arrangements to suit the space whether domestic, commercial, retail or hospitality.

Details of the mechanical joint illustrate how it is assembled and the way in which will accept up to 8 lengths of profile providing 360º configurations

Create web-like structures that add impact to the environment while, at the same time, providing infinitely variable lighting via the miniaturised Atom spots

Configurations are limitless with Diversion, the most flexible and versatile lighting system available from Flos and designed by renowned Italian designer Piero Lissoni.