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Cooledge – Master of illusion

Faster and more competitive from Atrium

While other lighting companies impossibly claim to have discovered the Holy Grail of artificial Circadian lighting, Cooledge Inc of Canada have steadfastly pursued the development of world-class LED technology, creating structured luminous surfaces that deliver the illusion of natural light flowing into dull interiors and dark basements. Tuneable colour temperature controlled through advanced protocols, the highest CRI and R9 values, a unique flexible tiling system and simplicity of installation have all positioned Cooledge as master of illusion.

But the Cooledge system itself is no illusion. It is uniquely based on a patented cuttable and inter-connectable tile or sheet with regularly spaced LED chips, each of which are meticulously selected to meet the strict quality criterion of being within 2 Standard Deviation Colour Matching points (SDCM). This ensures consistency of colour over a whole area with the absolute minimum drop off over the product’s lifetime, set at a modest 75,000 hours. Installed in conjunction with a special stretch fabric diffuser held at invisible edges, the system can transform entire ceilings or walls into illuminated surfaces, eradicating shadow and glare while delivering excellent colour rendering to show off colour critical merchandise to its very best advantage. Moreover, at Japan House in London, we at Atrium further developed the luminous surface to incorporate secondary spotlighting systems within the overall system, so delivering a fully integrated lighting solution.

Cooledge has been installed in a wide variety of commercial, retail, hospitality and residential spaces across the world, bringing light where there is none, improving the quality of light, delivering longevity and the remote or manual adjustment of ambience and cutting the cost of system installation and maintenance.

Atrium has worked with Cooledge as its exclusive UK distributor since 2014, helping architects and designers discover the unique benefits of their system and the results have been stunning. Today, we are proud to announce that we will now act as the distributor of Cooledge TILE products to Cooledge’s partners in their European hub. Key benefits of this arrangement are the delivery of faster lead times and significantly more price-competitive products.

Kuldeep Vali, Vice President of Sales EMEA says ‘Atrium has been an enthusiastic champion of our products in the UK and their experience, combined with thorough knowledge of specification and a proven distribution model makes them an automatic choice to help us expand our European market.’

Atrium’s Managing Director Ulysse Dormoy responded by saying ‘Cooledge is a high quality and completely unique lighting solution that adds considerably to our lighting armoury. We’re delighted to be invited to assume responsibility for the supply of Cooledge TILE products to their European partners.’

This Miami fashion store uses Cooledge TILES in the ceiling to create a light and bright interior, effectively replicating the warm sunlight outside.

At Japan House in London we integrated track and spot with Cooledge ceilings to deliver both dimmable ambient light using 3000K TILES and remotely controlled directional display lighting.

In this Ferrari showroom, Cooledge TILE with high CRI and R9 value panels in the ceiling illuminate the true colours of these iconic vehicles and brighten the overall space.

At 500 West Monroe in Chicago, Cooledge illuminates a ceiling and creates the illusion of the lobby and reception areas of this office building being flooded with daylight.