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Compatibility and complete control with Casambi

From a single luminaire to an industrial scale lighting installation, Casambi is the recognised world leader in wireless control. Built on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, lighting can be transformed in any space including the home, the office, hospitality or entertainment venues and retail environments. Operated from a simple app downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, with software managed and updated from the Casambi Cloud, remote light control is at your fingertips. 

At Atrium, our exclusive brands are all fully Casambi-compatible with many individual products and systems available as Casambi-Ready


Entertainment & Hospitality Venues | Flos with Casambi 

Bluetooth Low Energy 

The only low power wireless technology present in all modern smartphones, tablets and smart watches and the single mainstream, future-proof wireless technology. 

Casambi-Ready Products 

A miniaturised version of the Casambi BluetoothLow Energy (BLE) Module is integrated into each Casambi-Ready luminaire for a professional and individual control of each individual fitting. Products that are not currently Casambi-Ready can nevertheless be Casambi controlled. 

Smart Control 

Individual and/or groups of luminaires can be controlled via a Smartphone or tablet once the Casambi app has been installed. 

Manual Control 

Individual or groups of room lights can be controlled by a special command switch that is mounted over existing wired light switches and wirelessly connected to the Casambi network. 

The Casambi DALI Network 

Casambi has introduced a DALI gateway that can be integrated with existing DALI systems. The Casambi Network can also be used as part of a DALI installation because the Casambi Gateway is instantly recognised by the DALI controller. 

Controlling light in different environments 

Salmon Creek Medical Centre | Vancouver 

Hospitals are complex environments with many different areas requiring support from high quality lighting design tailored to suit different functions. Colour temperature, light intensity and mood can all be controlled by various protocols. 

Architect | Johanssen 

Lighting | Louis Poulsen 

The Department Store | London 

The ability to control and change lighting in the workplace – from work stations to relaxation areas and at different times of the day – becomes increasingly important as more is understood about the impact of light on our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Architect | Squire & Partners 

Lighting | Flos, Modular, MCI 

Japan House | London 

Lighting is paramount in a retail environment and the ability to control the way it adds life and personality to a brand’s identity is key. So too is the ability to change lighting to suit displays, special product presentations and to create a comfortable environment for sales staff . . . and customers. 

Architect | Wonderwall 

Lighting | Flos, Cooledge  

Crowne Plaza Hotel | Paris 

Given the many functions performed by an hotel and the expectations of guests, lighting control is essential for today’s modern traveller – from the coffee shop to the conference room and the lobby to the bedroom – and at different times of the day. 

Architect | Conran+Partners 

Lighting | Flos, Louis Poulsen 



American Bar | Budapest 

From lunches lit by natural daylight to intimate suppers for two, controllable lighting in restaurants allows the ambience to change in an instant to suit the time or occasion.

Pre-programming the lighting and operating it via smart controls make that change fast and simple. 

Architect | Unknown 

Lighting | Intra Lighting  

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