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Virtual Pioneering

This is what a pioneering workplace could look like, created as a virtual office building. The core elements are flexible areas, spaces to foster communication on and with all the functionality required at any one time. When German office specialist Wilkhahn collaborated with Munich based architecture and communication on firm 1zu33, the aim was to create a… Read more »

A history of Flos in 15 objects

Milestones in decorative lighting 1960 | The Cocoon Viscontea is important, not only because it took a novel packaging process and material, re-purposing it as dramatic and sculptural luminaires, but because it brought together Flos founder Dino Gavina and the Castiglioni brothers. This gave birth to one of the most exciting and productive creative partnerships…. Read more »

Compatibility and complete control with Casambi

From a single luminaire to an industrial scale lighting installation, Casambi is the recognised world leader in wireless control. Built on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, lighting can be transformed in any space including the home, the office, hospitality or entertainment venues and retail environments. Operated from a simple app downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, with software managed… Read more »

Can Ultraviolet light destroy Covid-19?

As we cautiously celebrate the discovery of several vaccines against Covid-19, activity continues into the exploration of other means of combating the spread of the virus. In the USA, the use of germicidal lighting has received a great deal of interest and publicity over recent months. Germicidal ultraviolet light (GUV) refers to the technology of… Read more »

FRESH | Issue No.1 2021

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FABRICore unique acoustic illumination

FABRICore is a budget-friendly, large area acoustic LED luminaire that can be used as an individual fixture although it has been designed to act as the core module for grouping to form large, immersive, ceiling illumination panels This unique technology not only helps create the illusion of natural light flooding workspaces, it also delivers significant… Read more »

A question of culture

How does culture inform our views or define our appreciation of space? Why would we add a lamp to a window sill? Why should artificial light predominate on ceilings? Why have we been so slow to adopt new techniques and ideas? Why do so few architectural and interior design programmes focus on natural light? How can we design… Read more »

New Trix

Trix is a beautifully simple and elegant modular lighting system. Slender, stylish and versatile, Trix has it all including minimalistic design, modularity and high efficiency with classic good looks. Trix was born to light industrial spaces, supermarkets, schools and offices. Extended runs are really easy to install and when illuminating focus zones or linear optics for uniform… Read more »

President of Intra Lighting Marino Furlan

Starting your own business can be stress on stilts at the best of times.To do so as your country Yugoslavia goes through major upheaval and breakup reducing your home market overnight from over 22 million to around 2 million requires unshakeable faith, grit, determination and a singular vision.   Marino and Marjeta Furlan, founders of… Read more »

FRESH | Issue No.6 2020

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Lighting Account Manager Richard Corcoran

At every stage there is the potential for the specification to fail and Richard is in no doubt that his principal role is to defend that specification by reassuring all parties Richard began a career in lighting in 2004 when he joined Modular UK, then the fledgling lighting division of today’s Atrium. This Belgium lighting brand… Read more »


It’s not surprising that the word ‘sustainability’ has become almost a pejorative term. The claims made by some organisations boasting of how they better discharge their corporate social responsibilities plus widely differing interpretations of what constitutes sustainability create both confusion and scepticism. Here’s a different story . . . Responsible companies set themselves realistic targets… Read more »

Award-winning photographer Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks is an award-winning British photographer with over 20 years experience. He studied under the renowned photographer John Blakemore and graduated from the University of Derby with an honours degree in photographic studies. His career began in editorial photography, freelancing for The Daily Telegraph and independent agencies. Since then, Jonathan has diversified into photography for corporate… Read more »

Vincent Van Duysen. Designer profile

Vincent Van Duysen was born in Lokeren Belgium in 1962. After graduating from the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Ghent he worked with Aldo Cibic in Milan, followed by a collaboration with Jean De Meulder in Antwerp. In 1989, Vincent Van Duysen Architects was established and the firm has grown into a team of more… Read more »

FRESH | Issue No.5 2020

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Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, this exciting new table lamp is a natural evolution of the classic swing arm office model.  With its robust and compact structure and swivel mechanism, it produces a powerful and controlled asymmetric beam, perfect for the professional lighting of your work area without the need to adjust arms or move… Read more »

The Micro Running Magnet

Innovative program of ultra-miniaturized structures in recessed and surface versions. Compatible with a wide range of professional lighting solutions by means of magnetic fixing. The ultimate solution for exhibition lighting. Design by Flos Architectural The quintessence of integrated light Obtained thanks to a profile of only 5 mm that allows the total integration of micro-devices… Read more »

Belt, a sinuous line of light

Technical lighting line covered in a fine leather cover sewn to measure that integrates all elements of the composition. The innovative connection system has been developed to achieve a sinuous line without apparent interruptions. Design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec Belt is pure flexibility, a sinuous line whose nature is in balance between the softness… Read more »

FRESH | Issue No.4 2020

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Lighting waterfront spaces with Louis Poulsen solutions

As part of our exclusive portfolio for the UK market, the Louis Poulsen Outdoor Collection offers a wide range of lighting concepts that facilitate the process of safe placemaking, helping planners and designers maximise the appeal of river, canal and waterfront spaces at all hours. In multi-purpose waterfront zones, which often invite recreational use, the… Read more »

Infra-Structure Ep2

Infra-Structure Episode 2. Freedom to create

The unique design of Infra-Structure, the smart modular system designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Flos, has evolved into a newly simplified concept, Episode2. ⠀⠀Flexible, versatile and simple, Infra-Structure Episode 2 gives you freedom to create multiple configurations in two and three dimensions by playing with the same basic elements.⠀ Subtle, incredibly versatile tubular structure…. Read more »

Does Value Engineering Add Value?

Value Engineering is usually a standard deliverable now,  a line item in the scope of services. Should it be? Or should it be an exceptional exercise because of some unforeseen change in circumstances? Projects are rarely conceived without there being a budget in place. Written by Paul Traynor, Director at Light Bureau When we hear… Read more »

Tracker – Goes with the flow

Tracker is a unique and endlessly flexible, linear lighting system designed specifically to follow the contours of fluid architectural detail. Its chain of LED modules that join together can bend and flex in all directions and are housed in a minimal profile that sits flush with the structural ceiling or wall.A continuous satin opal diffuser… Read more »

FRESH | Issue No.3 June 2020

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FRESH | Issue No.2 April 2020

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Covid-19 (coronavirus)

The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and other partners is the top priority for Atrium and our Scottish operating division Kelvin Lighting. We have applied measures to safeguard our employees’ wellbeing and to ensure business continuity as we all move into uncharted waters. Our investment in technology in recent years ensures we… Read more »

FRESH | Issue No.1 March 2020

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Louis Poulsen welcomes 2020 with fresh new colours and organic shapes

Louis Poulsen introduce some exciting new additions to their range of lighting, designed to shape light. The AJ collection of lamps designed by Arne Jacobsen is now available in four new refreshing colours. Keglen, originally designed by BIG Ideas for the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand, will be officially launched in the UK by Atrium at… Read more »

When a handbag costs more than £3000, can you tell what colour it really is?*

More and more retailers and brands are using luminous ceilings with diffused light to illuminate their spaces and merchandise. This solution may add interest through ambient lighting but when the lighting plays second fiddle to the ceiling and the customer can’t tell what colour they’re looking at, sales and the brand will suffer. The retailers… Read more »

Light wears Matt Black

If Black suits you, get inspired by this selection from our brands’ best Matt Black Lights Do you have any question for us? Get in touch!

Cooledge – Master of illusion

Faster and more competitive from Atrium While other lighting companies impossibly claim to have discovered the Holy Grail of artificial Circadian lighting, Cooledge Inc of Canada have steadfastly pursued the development of world-class LED technology, creating structured luminous surfaces that deliver the illusion of natural light flowing into dull interiors and dark basements. Tuneable colour… Read more »

Diversion to exciting possibilities

Shun the straight and narrow and take a new and exciting route with Diversion from Flos. Designed by Piero Lissoni, this is a truly innovative profile system for surface or suspended installation. With its unique and patented mechanical joint that accepts up to 8 profiles running in different directions, Diversion allows an infinite number of configurations… Read more »

Louis Poulsen – A giant leap forward

Our singular mission is to deliver the best Quality of Light to each of our clients’ projects and, in order to do that, we require only those brands that sit at the leading edge of technology, design and innovation. So today, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Louis Poulsen, giant of Danish lighting, has appointed… Read more »

Between the lines – Introducing Intra Lighting

We are thrilled to welcome Intra Lighting into our portfolio of exclusive lighting brands, a very special event that coincides with Intra Lighting’s own 30 year anniversary.  From their expanding base in Slovenia, the company has grown steadily and ambitiously over the period to become acknowledged specialists with sales across 68 countries. Intra Lighting and… Read more »

Visit Flos, Diamond Partner for PLDC Rotterdam 23-26 October

The Professional Lighting Designers Conference (PLDC) will be held this year at the Rotterdam Ahoy! Arena from Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 October. Around 80 professional papers will be presented by high profile speakers from the worlds of lighting design, architecture, research, city planning, daylight design and other associated professions. The main theme for this year’s conference… Read more »

Atrium announces its partnership with Intra Lighting

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Intra Lighting, one in which we will act as their exclusive distributor throughout Great Britain. This award-winning brand with a global presence and acknowledged leader in ambient lighting was already being distributed in Scotland by Kelvin Lighting, whom Atrium acquired earlier this year. Today, and together… Read more »

Atrium acquires Kelvin Lighting

Kelvin Lighting Limited, Scotland’s foremost independent lighting distributor founded by Scott Kelly in 2007, has been acquired by Atrium Limited, England’s largest independent specialist lighting distributor, founded in 1976.  Together, the expanded group will now represent the single largest independent specialist lighting distributor across the whole of the UK.   They will also benefit from… Read more »

Flos is fabulous at Salone del Mobile 2019

With possibly the largest stand ever seen at Salone del Mobile at over 4,000 square metres, Flos presented some stunning new designs and new editions of historical classics, sharing this dramatic space with B&B Italia and Louis Poulsen. Collectively, the three names represent Design Holding, formed in September 2018 to create the largest global high-end… Read more »

Modular Lighting Instruments at Milan Design Week 9-14 April 2019

We look forward to welcoming you to Modular Lighting Instruments’ showcase at Via Ferrante Aporti 19, Ventura Centrale, during the Milan Design Week from 9-14 April 2019. This year, Modular teams up with Dutch furniture label Lensvelt for their combined All New installation – two renowned brands sharing the same non-conformist ideals matched only by the highest design, technological and manufacturing standards.

Flos at Salone del Mobile.Milan 2019

Flos will participate, together with B&B Italia and Louis Poulsen as Design Holding, to the forthcoming Salone del Mobile.Milano in a stand situated in the new S.Project pavilion.