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Atrium Events at London Design Festival 2019

16-19th September 2019

Our programme of events throughout the week will take the visitor on a journey of exploration that seeks to illustrate the relationship between light and colour and just some of the ways they have influenced architects, designers and artists – and how they affect all of us in mind and body.

Unlocking the Code of Colour & Light | CPD Presentation

16th September 2019

The programme begins by Unlocking the Code of Colour to understand its relationship with light.  Natural light renders everything in true colour, allowing us to see the full breadth of the visible spectrum.  Artificial light attempts to emulate this but there are limitations and bias.  Our RIBA approved presentation explores colour through its three states – illumination, transmission and perception – the known physiological and psychological effects that colour and lighting have on the human condition and describes the evolution of LED as the leading sustainable artificial light source.  Architects and engineers, artists and designers recognise the importance of light and colour in their work. 

Everything you need to know about LEDs (but may have been afraid to ask)

17th September 2019

Jeremy Fielding of Atrium will explain all there is to know about LED (but you may have been afraid to ask). What is it, how does it work, how do you determine its colour rendering attributes, how should you specify and use it and what is its contribution to energy conservation and the environment?

Experience Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

17th September 2019

Vessel by Heatherwick Studio presented by Blueprint Magazine is a dramatic, experiential structure built in New York consisting of interconnecting stairways rising from the ground.  Characterised by its transparency and close relationship with natural light, we will transport you to this unique experience through the amazing medium of virtual reality.

Draw confidently in colour with Jack Spicer | Workshop

18th September 2019

Principal teacher of the Brighton & London Life Drawing Sessions and compulsive artist, Jake Spicer will host a tutorial on drawing with colour at the end of which, he assures us that all participants will have learned how to draw with more competence and increased confidence.

DETACH DETECH – How to start a healthier relationship with technology

18th September 2019

DETACH DETECH is a panel discussion brought to you by DEG London. It explores how a decrease in the use of our more ubiquitous tech devices could lead to improvements in our life and work habits.  Comprising opposing experts, the panel will discuss the many aspects of our device-driven existences.

Beer & Bubbles Plus | Colour as inspiration with Remi Rough

19th September 2019

As part of our Thursday Beer & Bubbles informal gathering, artist Remi Rough describes how colour has informed his work throughout a career as both street and gallery artist.  Remi’s works have been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Perth in Australia.  One of his better-known works is a mural entitled Girl at a Window, based on a picture by Rembrandt and exhibited in the Dulwich Picture Gallery.