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Atrium Journal

Atrium Evening | Animated by Light

Light School, in association with Atrium, will feature Richard Weston, Visiting Professor of Surface Design, Cardiff School of Art and Design; director Molly’s World CIC talk on: Animated by Light: the Inner Life of Minerals and Rocks Richard Weston will present the result of over 15 years’ engagement with ‘data from nature’ captured from mineral and… Read more »

Atrium Events at London Design Festival 2019

16-19th September 2019 Our programme of events throughout the week will take the visitor on a journey of exploration that seeks to illustrate the relationship between light and colour and just some of the ways they have influenced architects, designers and artists – and how they affect all of us in mind and body. Unlocking… Read more »

Beer & Bubbles Plus | Colour as inspiration with Remi Rough

19th September 20196.00-9.30pm As part of our Thursday Beer & Bubbles informal gathering, artist Remi Rough describes how colour has informed his work throughout a career as both street artist and gallery artist. Remi’s works have been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Perth in Australia. One of his better-known works is a mural entitled Girl at a Window inspired by… Read more »

Draw confidently in colour with Jack Spicer

18th September 20192.00pm Join us for a drawing workshop with Jake Spicer. Jake Spicer is an acclaimed artist, author and teacher, giving courses at the London Portrait Gallery, Camden Arts Centre and is the owner of The Drawing Circus. Jake’s teaching focuses on making drawing accessible to everybody, on the understanding that anyone with the will to draw… Read more »

Experience Vessel by Heatherwick Studio

17th September 20196.00-9.00pm Blueprint editor Johnny Tucker introduces this special event in conversation with Laurence Dudeney, Heatherwick Studio’s project architect for the Vessel. Then you’ll don headsets to experience a remarkable journey into the Vessel through the amazing medium of virtual reality. Photo © Wade Zimmerman

Everything you need to know about LEDs (but may have been afraid to ask)

17th September 201912.00 – 1.30pm Jeremy Fielding of Atrium will explain all there is to know about LEDs (but you may have been afraid to ask). What is it, how does it work, how do you determine its colour rendering attributes, how should you specify and use it and what is its contribution to energy conservation and the environment?

Unlocking the Code of Colour & Light

16th September 201912.00-13.30pm Join us for lunch as you explore the power of colour and light. Unlocking the Code of Colour explains the relationship between colour and light. Natural light renders everything in true colour, allowing us to see the full breadth of the visible spectrum. Artificial light attempts to emulate this but there are limitations… Read more »

DJArch. A party with Architects as DJs

Join us for London’s newest design event – DJArch! DJArch is one of London’s newest architectural events that’s already been happening in New York and Milan – an evening party when enthusiastic architect DJs compete with their own special playlists, promoted on Spotify and social networks, to attract your vote. Three Architect DJs will play their… Read more »

Architect of the Year Awards 2019 – Shortlist Party

Architect of the Year Awards 2019 – Shortlist Party