Project: The Department Store
Location: Brixton
Design: Squire & Partners, Studio Fractal
Products: Running Magnet 2.0, UT Spot 57, Glo-Ball (Flos); Smart range (Modular)
Photography: James Jones

The former Department Store tells the story of a characterful but neglected complex, brought back to life by the Squire and Partners vision.

The interventions have materialised into a distinctive design and creative working environment.

Stripping back layer after layer, Squire & Partners have revealed the original raw beauty of the building and retained a rich mélange of authentic surfaces - ornamental plaster, pitted bricks, wooden floors, copper roofing - which have also been a source of inspiration to define colour palettes and materials.

The lighting solutions selected with StudioFractal adhere to the need for flexibility, linearity and elegance.
Suspended frames and linear lines of Running Magnet 2.0 by Flos Architectural are anodised in a special gold finish, to ensure consistency with the colour palette of the building and continuity with the structural elements.
Each magnetic spot can be easily repositioned, with the need for an evolving space.
The minimal design of UT Spot 57 track has a reduced impact on the aesthetics of the space and offers an optimal performance thanks to high colour rendering and high output.
The Smart family by Modular Lighting Instruments - recessed, surface, suspended - also complements the elegance of the spaces.