Casting concrete

designed by Vincent Van Duysen
Whenever an architect is requested to be involved in landscaping, the answer is pertinent: he creates architecture. Both worlds are indissolubly connected, where one ends, the other begins. And in some cases they just merge. Casting is a series of miniature lighting icons which fuse landscape and outdoor design.
The design of the T and C shapes, casts a clear frame in every background. Its shape clearly reveals the intent of the desired light direction. An expression and attitude of modernist periods ‘when form follows function’.
The half-rounded model, Casting Concrete, refers to a more brutalist architecture. The lamp Le Corbusier developed for the city of Chandigarh was for me love at first sight, it perfectly embodies brutalist architecture ‘avant la lettre’. I wanted to pay tribute to this archetype by giving it a contemporary interpretation… and with a touch of Flos. An archetype geometry and a solid base, enhanced by a concrete material that reflects its mass.